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5 milestones in public healthcare that have changed our lives

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

  1. High quality care for all our patients, a key at Maryna Medical Center, the need to provide high quality care with a wide- reach of strategy to shift care out side our Center makes us the best Medical Center in Uganda

  2. The need to expand health services to the community, working alongside health professionals bringing care to the community and exercises the power of healing, love and compassion to all our patients and the general public.

  3. The need for collaboration between our health professionals and the community which helps us learn new health technologies and implementing them at Maryna Medical Center.

  4. Growth strategy at Maryna Medical Center, our Professionals and the community. At Maryna Medical Center we believe in ''the power of Love and Care'' this enables us focus more on how to develop and improve the Center, our professionals and the community(MPC) which help us provide high quality work making us the best Medical Center.

  5. Hygiene (infection control) extending hygiene measures at Maryna Medical Center, our Professionals and the community through hand hygiene measures improving products and Educating both our Patients and the community, imagine a future without antibiotics, expect high quality hygiene both at the facility and our professionals.

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